Dirt free, clean and tidy, odourless, pale pink in colour and minimum amount of wax are all signs of healthy pet ears. It is always suggested to conduct regular ear checkups of your pets.

 Indications of Ear infections

  • Obnoxious smell
  • Increase in frequency of scratching and pawing of the ear and head region
  • Increased sensitivity to touch due to pain
  • Black or yellow colour release
  • Swelling or redness of ear canal or flap
  • Behavioural modifications like restlessness, lethargy and depression
  • Formation of dark brown coloured wax
  • Decrease in hearing, loss of balance and disorientation
  • Bleeding or oozing of coffee grind like discharge

Reasons for Ear Diseases

Otitis Externais

Is the infection of external ear canal and Otitis Media. The middle ear is mostly affected by infections caused by ear mites, bacteria and yeast. The damage can also be due to injury or any foreign object or debris which blocks the ear canal. In such cases, medical attention should be given as soon as possible because a dog suffering from any kind of ear infection becomes significantly uncomfortable. To treat bacterial infections, antibiotics are used and for yeast infections, anti-fungals are the drugs of choice. The veterinarian can suggest the best option available after examination.

Ear Mites

Are the widespread parasites that can easily transfer from one pet to another and are highly infectious. The most common sign of an ear mites attack is aggressive itching. These ear mites form dark coloured, flaky debris resembling coffee crush that comes out of the infected ear.

Aural Haematomais

Is the result of blood accumulation in the ear flap called pinna. The cause of this disease in most of the cases is still unidentified. Some of the reported cases that can cause aural haematoma are attributed to mites, fleas or debris, the forceful shaking of the head, scratching or trauma of the ear that damages the blood vessels.


Generally is the outcome of age, shock, piercing noise or any infection. It can also be inherited genetically. Once the medical condition is diagnosed to be deafness, it is recognised as a permanent condition.

How to Prevent Ear Infections

To protect your dog’s ears from any sort of infection, ear cleaning solutions are available for use as needed.

Administration of Ear Drops or Ointment in Dogs

  • The external part of the ear should be carefully cleaned with a cotton ball soaked in warm water or a solution recommended by veterinarian
  • Pull the ear flap above the head region, press out the required quantity of drug and administer into the lowest part of ear canal
  • Smoothly massage the ear so that the medicine travels deep into the ear canal. A sign that enough medicine has reached the ear canal is a squishing noise that will be heard upon massage

Important note: Always administer the entire dose of medicine so that it can produce the desired effects. To administer efficiently, you have to stay cool and composed, otherwise your pet can make the application more complex if he senses you are panicky. When the application part is over, praise your dog and treat him.