Like humans, cats also get sick and require medication. For this reason, as a cat owner, you must learn how to properly administer medication to make the process easier for the cat – not to mention you. Follow the veterinarian’s advice and directions properly. Make sure you administer the entire dose of medicine for the suggested period as per your veterinarian’s instructions.

Tablets and Capsules

Step 1

  • Using one hand, hold the pill between the thumb and index finger
  • With the other hand, hold the top of the cat’s head and grip the cheekbones with the thumb and index finger

Step 2

  • Slightly tilt the head back so that the eyes of the cat are in the upward direction
  • When the head is positioned this way the jaws will open. Using your middle finger, apply a little more pressure on the lower jaw
  • Insert the tablet into the cat’s mouth

Step 3

  • To keep the jaw open, place your middle finger on top of the little incisor teeth
  • Pop in the pill as far as you can on the tongue
  • Immediately close the mouth

Step 4

  • Softly pat the throat or gently blow on the nose, to help the cat to swallow
  • Remember to work without any delay and be quick, before the cat bites you

Liquids and Syrups

Follow the instructions mentioned on the bottle for prescribed amount and if indicated, shake the bottle well before use.

Prior to start:
Fill the required quantity of medicine in a dropper or syringe

Step 1:
Using one hand, hold the top of the cat’s head and grip the cheekbones with the thumb and index finger. Hold the filled syringe or dropper in your other hand

Step 2:
Slowly squeeze the syringe or dropper so that the medicine drops into the pouch in between cheek and teeth

Supportive Tips

  • Read the instructions written on the label carefully
  • Certain medicines can be given with food and some medicines are to be given on an empty stomach. Ask the veterinarian for all information
  • Place the cat on a non slippery table top
  • During administration of the medicine, stay cool and composed. Don’t panic otherwise your cat can sense it and will respond negatively
  • When all done, reward your cat

Gadget for Pills Administration (Pill Popper)

If you don’t want to put your fingers in your cat’s mouth, a pill popper will do the job! The tool is similar to a syringe and can be easily used to insert the pill.

Use a pill popped by following these instructions:

  • Position the pill at the end of the device
  • Hold the device like a syringe between the index and middle fingers of one hand and use the thumb of the same hand to push the plunger
  • Tilt the head of cat in the backward direction, so that the eyes face up and the jaw drops down. If required, slightly open the jaw, applying pressure with your middle finger
  • Position the device on the base of the tongue
  • Push the plunger so the pill enters into the mouth as far as possible