Dog And Cat Dental

Dental health is much more closely related to our overall health than most people realize, and the same is true of our cats and dogs. Ensuring that they have healthy teeth and gums is part of our responsibility as pet owners, and our veterinarians will know how to help you do it. Regular check-ups, advice on how to train a pet to allow tooth-brushing, and taking care of their dental problems form part of our service to you and your pet.

Let us help you to take the best possible care of your pets’ oral health. You’ll have a happier, healthier pet as a result.

When To Check Pets Teeth

Usually when you take your dog or cat in for its annual health check we will review its dental health. For most pets this is sufficient and an easy part of your regular pets routine.

What We Check

  • The presence of abscesses within the oral cavity.
  • Tartar hidden below the gum line
  • Review the mouth for signs of trauma.
  • Check for tumour or ulceration.
  • Look for other systemic diseases, such as renal disease in cats.

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