Pet Food

Selecting the best diet for your cat or dog can be a struggle with so many brands all claiming they are the best for your pet. Not only that, diets should be altered as pets age. If you’re looking for advice our staff are happy to discuss what suits your pet and budget.

We strongly recommend to get the best dog foods available. The old saying you are what you eat is as important for pets as it is to us. And a good diet can assit your pet in living a long and healthy life.

Choosing Pet Food

When choosing a pet food, we are always happy to discuss what we feel suits your pets breed and life stage. For dog foods we recommend avoiding foods that don’t identify their protein source or those that add too many grains such as wheat, soya or sorghum. Some foods will advertise as ‘grain free’ but we believe some grains of the right type and volume are fine.

We have foods available at our clinics we recommend, or have a chat with our staff next time you’re around.

Pet Supplies

We keep a selection of quality pet supplies at Waverly Vet Clinic. Be it foods, medicines or a funky looking collar we can provide your pets needs right from the clinic.

Call, email or book your pet supplies: