Preventative Care

We strongly recommend getting annual health checks. It is far easier to prevent illnesses than to treat them. Doing this can ensure we keep your friend up to date with vaccines and periodic treatments as well as spot problems before they become an issue. This can help to extend the life of your pet, keeping them healthy and happy.

When pets get older, regular checkups are more important than ever. If you’d like to know more, drop us a line about what we do for your pets annual checkup.


It’s essential to vaccinate you pet followed by annual boosters to protect them from disease. Immunity develops around ten days after the initial vaccination so please remain careful where you take your dog, cat or pocket friend until this period has passed.

Some vaccines require annual boosters. As well as if you intend to travel overseas you may have to organise some vaccines well ahead of the trip.

If you have any questions about vaccines for your pet please reach out.


Allergy-related diseases can be difficult problems to diagnose. If we suspect your pet has an allergy we will conduct a full examination and possibly test to eliminate other potential causes of skin disease.

If an allergy is found we can see if the cause can be removed form your pets enviroment and also have an increasing options for treatment to reduce the impact of the allergent to your pet.

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